Arctic Culture Lab


Arctic Culture Lab are based on the peninsula Nordkyn, the top of the Barents region, the history-charged, northernmost landmark of the European mainland, literally between the East and the West.

In this stunning land of contrasts the Arctic Culture Lab strives for a multidisciplinary platform for the increasing artistic interest in the North.

Here, in the heart of the mystical Sami-land, where for hundreds of years the sea close to the coast line offered a risky livelihood and the transportation route on water guaranteed an agile trade and natural cultural exchange between East and West, a unique coastal culture was developed.

However, short is the way from the tradition, which is perfectly documented in the local museums and the remnants of the former Russian trade village Steinvag to the latter-day challenges the Arctic has to face in times of global warming and industrialization.

The Arctic Culture Lab takes this vulnerability of the traditional coast culture as an initial point for research, think tanks and invites to one-of-a kind art productions which try to reflect on Arctic topics through visits, residencies and exhibition projects.

Artistic Director: Dr. Andreas Hoffmann
Administrative Director: Flavia Devonas Hoffmann